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General Liability VS Business Owner's Policy

So you’re on the hunt for adequate commercial insurance for your company or small business. But now you see two avenues to get the basic liability protection your business needs: you could go with a standalone General Liability Insurance policy or you could see if you qualify for a Business Owner’s Policy. How do you make the best choice for Commercial Insurance?


Let Us Help Explain the Difference

General Liability Insurance offers a blanket of liability protection against a few common torts small-business owners may face. It kicks in when a third party (i.e., anyone who doesn’t work for your business) sues you over permission, or copyright infringement).

In response to these claims, General Liability compensates you for attorneys’ fees, court costs, and settlements or judgments (depending  on your policy limits). Keep in mind that even the most careful business owners could face these claims, which is why the Commercial Insurance coverage is considered the cornerstone of any business protection  plan.

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The Next Level of Commercial Insurance Coverage

A Business Owner’s Policy (BOP Insurance) is essentially a high-octane General Liability Insurance policy. It takes a couple insurance policies and bundles them  into one convenient package at a reduced annual rate. A BOP typically  includes:

  • General Liability Insurance (described above).
  • Property Insurance, which compensates you for insured business assets that are lost or damaged by fire, theft, or windstorms.
  • Business Interruptions Insurance, which reimburses you for lost income when a covered property  event forces you to temporarily halt business operations.

Though a BOP is a comprehensive and affordable option, it’s not available to all business owners. To qualify for this coverage, you must:

  • Own a small business (which means your premises are small and you don’t have a lot of employees).
  • Work in a low-risk industry.
  • Not need more than 12 months of Business Interruption coverage.


Commercial Insurance Comparisons

As you can see, there  is some common ground between General Liability and a BOP. Let’s recap:

  • Both policies offer basic liability protection. A standalone GL policy and a BOP protect your small business from  premises liability, property damage liability, and advertising liability claims. Remember, if you do purchase a Business Owner’s Policy, you won’t need a separate General Liability policy.
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How General Liability & BOP Insurance Differ

Here’s a quick outline of how a standalone General Liability policy and a BOP are unique:

  • BOPs are not available to all business owners. As noted above, you have to meet certain criteria to be eligible for the bundle, Namely, BOPs are only offered to small-business owners. By contrast, General Liability Insurance is available to most business owners. For example, if you work in construction, you may not be eligible for a BOP because your industry is considered “high risk.” However, a standalone GL policy would be able to protect a construction  business from its liability exposures.
  • A BOP can reduce your insurance rates. If you’re looking to save money on small business insurance, a BOP should be the first place you look. You’ll receive multiple coverages at a rate lower than you’d pay if you purchased each policy individually.


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